Buying a Name is a Simple and Safe Process!.

Domain name transfers are done online through Escrow.com

They accept All Major Credit Cards, Checks, Wire Transfers, and International Money Orders.  Your funds are held securely until YOU have Full Control and Ownership of the Domain Name.

The easy process takes only a few days. 
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Escrow.com* secure services.
                                                                                 Please Email Us First if you are in Arizona

ALL escrow and transfer fees are INCLUDED in our Sale Price!

When opening your escrow account transaction use: admin@16south.com
as our "sellers" contact address on the online escrow form
Also be sure to select "seller pays" escrow fees so there are NO extra charges!

* Escrow.com refers to "paperwork" and sometimes weeks for the transfer process.
This is NOT the case with buying a name from us.  There is NO paperwork and the transfer of the name is done on the SAME DAY that the buyer's funds are verified

The Buyer receives an email with the password to a New Full Service Account in their name.  The purchased domain name will be in that account and the new owner only needs to change the password to complete the ownership transfer.

Please Email Us if you have any questions. Thank You!